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CS-200 Portable Colorimeter Testing Machine
Model : CS-200

Product Description

The instrument is mainly applied to plastic, painting, design, plating, costume, printing and dyeing industries.

It can do the color analysis and color controlling.

Product Size

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)    Brand Name:PUXI
Model Number:CS-200Weight:550g
Shape Size:77*86*210mmPower:Electronic
Usage:Precise Color ReaderTest Caliber:8mm
Inspection conditions:D65,D50,F11Light source:White light source

Display:Lab,Lch Chroma values and Eab(Lab),


Display Sreen:Lab,Lch Chroma values and Eab(Lab),(LCH)
Application:plastic,painting,design,platingInspection angle:10 Angle of view in CIE
Display Screen:2.4" width colorful screen


I. Product Features:  

1. The 2.4" width colorful screen and portable design make you feel comfortable.

2. 3 kinds of light sources for your selection, SCI and SCE mode switch and metamerism analysis meet your test needs in different working status.

3. Tolerance setting, humanizational auto-judge color difference values and color deviation make you judge the color easily

even you don't have any professional knowledge in color.

4.Professional color analysis software makes you do the color data analysis and color difference diagrammatic outputting.

5. The optical mini printer fulfills the output of data.

II. Software features:    

The interface is concise and entire, fit for color analysis and color difference data output, Including:

1. Standard values data bank.

2. Single and repetitious test mode.

3. Color simulation

4. Color space diagrammatic Sheet.

5. Color difference curve and color test report.

Technical Parameters

Repeat accuracy

0.08 (Test the standard white tabula for

30 times to get the average value.)

Lighting /

inspecting system

8 / d (8Falloff / diffuse reflection)

SCI (include Flat Mirror Light) /

SCE (eliminate Flat Mirror Light)

Light source

White light source

Inspection angle

10Angle of view in CIE

Inspection conditions



White board rectification,

black board rectification


12 groups of standard samples, and it

can keep 30 groups of sample values

under every standard sample.


Lab,Lch Chroma values and Eab(Lab),(LCH)

color difference values.


Chinese and English

Test Caliber



4 pcs alkaline batteries or nickel

batteries special adaptor (DC:5V)



Shape size


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