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AB237 Antistatic Carbon Fiber Brush
Model : AB237

Product Description

During printing process, the most important factor to effect on the quality of the products is static electricity. Strong static electricity even causes sparking, fire. In the plastics and paper industries, carbon fiber antistatic brush is the first choice to eliminate static electricity. The carbon fiber brush is widely used, because it is easy to be installed, low cost and best effect to remove static. Coupled with its excellent electrical conductivity and stable physical and chemical properties, it’s more suitable to remove static in plastics and paper industries static elimination applications.

Use Italian Superconductive carbon fiber to make any length antistatic brush. Widely use for printing machine, packaging machine, film processing and paper processing rewinding machine, roller friction, printers, cash registers, money detector, CD printing , envelope printing, other industries to eliminate static electricity, etc.

Product Size

H50mm (Aluminum Frame H30mm, Thickness18mm, Brush Hair H20mm), length can be ordered.  (Both ends of the aluminum frame edge mounting bracket, both sides of the bracket are perforated for easy installation.)


1. Simple structure, small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, low prices.

2. No electric shock hazard, no produce harmful rays, no environment polluted.

3. Acid-proof, alkali-proof, oxidation resistance, high & low temperature resistance characters.

4. High efficiency elimination, main indicators have reached the international level. Critical voltage ≤ 50 volts, corona current than ordinary carbon fiber brush 20% higher.

5. Can be installed aluminum shelf, conductive resistance will be reduced to 0.3Ω.

Technology Parameters

1.Electrical conductivity: 1-meter-long antistatic brush, the resistance R ≤ 1Ω, 30-100 higher times than the carbon fiber antistatic brush.

2.Pliability: Like soft cloth, will not scratch the material, and can effectively eliminate the static electricity promptly.

3.Anti-corrosive and abrasion resistant: Immerged in solvent, such as Toluene, Butanone, the characters will not change. It’s especially suitable for plastics and paper industries, film production and printing producing line.

4.Flame resistance: it can resist the fire, when burns it, the characters will not been changed. When there is dust on the electrode acme, you can burn it to get rid of it, and then you can use antistatic brush continuously.

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