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AB239 Antistatic  Carbon Fiber Brush
Model : AB239

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Place of Origin:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Brand Name:ESG
Model Number:AB239        
Type:Industrial Brush
Brush Material:Steel Wire      
Function:Static removal
Material:316L stainless steel  
Hair color:Grey
Rack:AL Alloy

The harm of static electricity:

1.   The ink spot, ink beard phenomenon: shallow screen printing arises ink spot, on-site printing arises ink beard.

2.   Knife line: static will lead to largen the ink particles, which produce knife line.

3.   The lack of printing: static adsorbs dust causes the lack of printing.

4.   Rolling up surface is irregular: same static charges repel each other, cause interlayer film sliding due to static electricity.

5.   Rolling up static is large; it is the main position to outbreak of fire.

6.   Electric shock the operator, affect the normal operation.

7.   The products adsorb and adhere, open mouth is not good.

8.   Static will lead to damaging the electronic devices.


Static brush/belt have a very good eliminate static property, and they have become a main method to eliminate static in packaging and printing industries (plastics, paper), with the following characteristics:

1.  Electrical conductivity: superconducting electrostatic brush resistance is R≤2Ω, superconducting electrostatic belt resistance is R≤2Ω/meter, their electrical conductivity is higher 30 and 100 times than carbon fiber, and have good characteristics of approximate conductor.

2.  Softness: the same softness as cloth, will not scratch the contact materials. When electrostatic belt is installed in the rolling up position, changes over diameter, can timely and effectively eliminate static.

3.  Corrosion resistance: brush has acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance and other advantages, long-term immersion in solvent such as toluene, butanone without changing the properties. Its performance is stable, especially suitable for long-term use of plastic and paper industry.

4.  Fireproof: not afraid of fire, even after fire the performance will not change.

5.  Easy to use: superconducting electric static brush installs on the aluminum alloy frame to use; superconducting electric static belt is mainly used in winding station, direct lift and install above the winding station. Reliable method is to eliminate static. According to the need to customize the length and easy installation. No power, no shock hazard, not produce harmful rays, not pollute the environment.

6.  Suitable for printing, photocopying, electroplating, composite, coating and other industries.


1. It can eliminate static electricity, prove the printing, peritoneum and bag making effect, avoid the hidden danger of fire.

2. It suitable for all kinds of packaging machine such as high speed printing machine, slitting machine, bag making machine and peritoneum machine.

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