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A-10 Air Double Diaphragm Pump
Model : A-10

Product Description

Double Diaphragm Pump is used at the coating field in higher safety required. For example, the general paint coating, PU Paint, UV special paint etc. All can be transferred, furthermore, can be connected with air spray gun, electric spray gun & auto spray gun etc., directly, Meanwhile, the double diaphragm pumps also can be used to circulate ink for painting. The pumps are being with compact, equal & transferred with large volume etc.

Technical Parameters                                                              

Liquid input method: Atmospheric pressure or additional pressure

Temperature condition: Depend on the material of diaphragm

                          A-10                   A-20                   A-26

Max flow rate:                18L/Min                           42L/Min                      80L/Min

Air Pressure range:        1-7kgf/cm²                        1-7kgf/cm²                   1-7kgf/cm²

Max. Solid diameter:       2mm                                   3mm                             3mm

Noise level:                     <70dB                               <70dB                           <70dB

Size & Drawing

1.    Install and use it respectively as much possible.

2.    Reduce the service capacity of piping accessories.

3.    Keep the prescribed bore of suction pipe.

4.    If fitting up a rigid piping, it should be assembled with a short flexible hose.

5.    While installation, not the packing piece to see whether there is leakage or not.

6.    While installing pipe, be sure that suction pipe and air pipe should contain clearly.

7.    Inlet pipe must install filter to prevent that big solid entering in to result breakdown.                                                                     1.   The operation altitude for priming is below 20 feet(6.09 meters), if deliver high viscosity liquid, the distance between suction inlet and liquid surface should be diminished.

2.    The output flow can be controlled by air switch.

3.    To star or stop the pump can be controlled by the discharge controller.


1.   Do not connect the unit to air supply in excess of 8kg/cm².

2.   Do use the prescribed compressed air pressure.

3.   The air inlet can’t be smaller than the air inlet value, otherwise, the air pressure might be insufficient and work volume will be influence.

4.   It is better for air supply pipe to install air filter and surge suppressor.


It is suitable for the circulating system of ink printing machine, four-color offset printing, flexographic press, and glue laminating machine, and suitable for circulate those fluids with granule and combustible fluid.

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