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DT-05B Portable Stroboscope
Model : DT-05B

Product Decription

A stroboscope, also known as a strobe, is an instrument used to make a cyclically moving object appear to be slow-moving, or stationary. The principle is used for the study of rotating, reciprocating, oscillating or vibrating objects. Machine parts and vibrating strings are common examples.

DT-05B Stroboscope's Max Frequency is 3600RPM by default. If you need more,we can offer you the upgraded which Max.Frequency is 20000RPM.

Working Principle:

Stroboscope - scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object; can make moving object appear stationary, called stroboscopic Still instrument or tachometer. The stroboscope can issue short-term and frequent flash. When we adjust the strobe light flashing frequency so close or synchronization with the rotation of the analyte or movement speed, measured object, although the high-speed motion, but it looks like it is a slow movement or relatively static, this persistence of vision to stay the phenomenon makes visual surface quality and the health of the high-speed moving objects can be easily observed flash rate of the stroboscope is the detection of objects (for example: a motor) speed and movement frequency (printed bags), can also take advantage of the frequency scintillation analysis of object vibration, the action of high-speed moving objects, as well as high-speed photography.

Product Size



Sensor Power Supply:

AC110V,AC220V +_10%,2A,50HZ



Internal Trigger Frequency Range:

50 ~3600 RPM, 4000 RPM, 5400 RPM, 14400 RPM

External Trigger Frequency Range:

50 ~3600 RPM, 14400 RPM (revolutions per minute)

Single Working Time

Random Enactment by Function Keys

Environmental Illumination:

< 10000 Lux

External Trigger Signal Voltage:

5 ~ 12V pulse

Packaging specifications:



1. Portable hand-held, compact and lightweight.

2. Measurement of rotation speeds, frequency and periods.

3. Internal / external trigger two models to choose.

4. It can achieve pattern automatic tracking when external trigger works.

5. Automatic stop flashing to protect stroboscope.

6. Easy for operation.


1. Operating Instructions:                                      

1). Signal keys : Trigger / external trigger mode switching key. Each time you press this key to switch trigger mode , the corresponding display panel INT

2).  ( internal trigger indicator ) and EX ( external trigger indicator ) also followed switching .

3). mode key : the trigger , you can choose 3600 or 600 full-scale display mode , press this button once , then press + , - keys at full 3600 or 600 degrees to choose between , as you are finished selecting display 5 seconds after automatic recognition ( e.g. restart after power default display mode is 3600 ) . Optional with special needs 4000,5400,14400 beats / min CPU chip. External trigger , you can choose synchronization lag angle , press this button once , then press + , - keys to select between 0 to 330 degrees , if you are finished selecting point five seconds after automatic confirmation ( the factory set at 180 degrees )

4).  × 2 keys: Internal trigger frequency increase key. When you press this button, the current trigger frequency is doubled, to full-scale displayed.

5).  ÷ 2 keys: Internal trigger times less. When you press this key, the current trigger frequency will be fewer times.

6).  + key: Press the corresponding data increases.

7). - key: Press the corresponding data reduction.

2. Display Instructions:                                            

1. Five digital display: the screen display working value when working.

2. INT (Internal trigger indicator lamp): When the lamp is bright, to say that stroboscope is working in internal trigger.

3. EX (External trigger indicator lam): When the lamp is bright, to say that stroboscope is working in external trigger.

4. RPM: When the lamp is bright, display the strobe flashing data value.

5. Deg: When the lamp is bright, show that stroboscope works in the selection of external trigger synchronization lag angle.

3. Safety External trigger connection methods:      

Digital Strobe Lamp for Machinery Inspection and Vibration Monitoring

4. Single working time setting:                                

Single Working time is the working time from strobe working beginning to automatically stop. Stop inner light, the screen displays "PAUSE" word, then press any key to start strobe working condition. This function key is to save energy, increase lamp life.


1). Measurement of rotation speeds, frequency and periods

2). Observation of thread movement on textile machines

3). Quality monitoring of web printing machines

4). Roll label inspections

5). Vibrations measurements

6). Observation of mechanical deformation

7). Packaging

8). Physic demonstrations

9). Printing press and gilding press

10).Widely used in machine building, printing, light industry, textile, and electronic, pharmaceutical, food-processing industries.

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